David Brewer

Professional Biography

David Brewer – Naples, FL

David of Naples, Florida currently lends his considerable talents to the role of Chief Executive Officer and founder of MD-Global, Inc., David utilizing past experience working with Phase 1, 2 and land mark clinical trials such as MADIT, MADIT-II, MADIT-CRT, and Rethin-Q, to the forefront of MD Global Inc. initiative of being a leader in advancing personalized medicine. MD Global Inc. is proud to sponsor RADAR-PGx clinical trial. RADAR-PGx is a multicenter, randomized observational pharmacogenetics clinical trial collecting data on 280,000 subjects for the advancement of personalized medicine. The way individuals metabolize medicine is often influenced by their genes. The objects of the clinical trial are to access the impact of pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing to help manage patient medications and if testing can have a positive impact in avoiding adverse drug event, hospitalization and emergency department visits while reducing the economic impact on today’s healthcare system. It’s David’s experience in health care and business that makes him the right choice to contribute and sponsor this clinical trial advancing personalized medicine through pharmacogenomics.

As a leading medical consulting professional in the medical products industry, David Brewer of Naples, Florida has experienced a variety of operational aspects in this field. He is known for his expertise in innovative business development strategies and sales force management. David has developed unique skills in the areas of process improvement and supply chain management, helping the companies he’s worked with to streamline operations with the goal of improving revenue streams

David Brewer attended the University of Florida. His education provided him with unique preparation for the medical industry.

David is a combat veteran that served in many elite specialized combat units as a Staff Sergeant but ultimately advanced in the position of Cardiovascular Specialist while gaining the national credentials of Registered Cardiac Invasive Specialist (RCIS), Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS), and Registered Vascular Specialist (RVS). After serving as Catheterization Lab Director he ultimately advanced to Cardiovascular Specialist Instructor at the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences Cardiovascular Specialty Course.

In 2002, David transitioned to work at Boston Scientific’s Guidant Corporation as a targeted field clinical representative (TFCR) and sales representative. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing sales and marketing plans as well as education and follow-up services for application in implanted medical devices. He and his team brought the company explosive account growth and profits exceeding $4.5 million, for which he was named the TFCR of the year in fiscal year 2003-2004.

As a sales representative for St. Jude Medical’s Cardiac Rhythm Management Division, David shepherded the company through innovative sales strategies. He also handled marketing, education, and follow-on services for implanted medical devices such as pacemakers and heart failure therapy equipment. In 2004 alone, his work helped the company see 710% growth in implanted cardiac devices in the SW region of Florida leading him too national presidents club. David began work with Emory University for St. Jude Medical’s Electrophysiology fellowship initiative. While with St. Jude Medical and working with Emory University clinical research department, David’s attention to detail and compliance allowed him to participate in the device management of Phase 1 and 2 medical device FDA clinical trials.

In 2006, David Brewer joined Biotronik, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced cardiac rhythm management products. As an independent distributor for the German based corporation, David applied his formidable sales talents and proven marketing methods; this work saw sales expand from $102,000 in 2006 to nearly $10 million in 2009. He negotiated a multitude of new hospital contracts for the company as well as expanded the company’s team of sales reps to handle the increased demands.

In 2010, David launched MD-Global, Inc. His vast experience in the medical field and his passion for results-driven leadership have helped the company become the leading medical sales management organization in the United States and beyond. He has helped over 300 independent sales professionals identify and capitalize on new market segments. The firm also assists medical company clients with achieving financial and operational goals by advising on strategic planning, business integration methods, and process improvement. Since inception, MD-Global, Inc. has quickly risen to dominate in this market sector, which serves as a testament to David’s capable leadership and experience as a medical sales expert.